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:: 2o2o ::

  • Sim1 (together with 2xlCrew) released: "The Collection". Artpack released at Revision party in april 2020.
  • WT released: Swidron [Polish]. Previously unreleased "Boulder Dash" clone from 1994. AsMan, mCCnEx and Sim1 created a special beam cracktro for this occasion. Flashtro remake can be found here.
  • Sachy published (in april 2020): How to code on ZX Spectrum article (in Polish).
  • Sachy published (with Jazzcat & Slayer of Ghostown): Best Amiga demos of 2019, based on Pouet top 10 (in Polish).

    :: 2o19 ::

  • Sim1 created: gfx, layout and design for a cool "Blue Rose" Scoopex cracktro for RECOIL. A500 game ported from Atari ST by Galahad/SCX.
  • Asman, MCH and Sachy visited: Silly Venture 2k19 - the biggest, may be worldwide, Atari-only party.
  • WT visited: SPECCY.PL 2019.1 - another edition of ZX Spectrum party (Sachy).
  • Sachy published (with Jazzcat, Slayer & Tygrys of Ghostown): Best Amiga demos of 2018, based on Pouet's top 10 (in Polish).
  • Asman published: 2nd part of "Assembler 68k in examples" tutorial (in Polish).

    :: 2o18 ::

  • Released at Deadline 2018: "Col-OR-WA-ve" by mCCnEx (#2 in Tracked Music compo).
  • Released at Deadline 2018: "TR-729" by mCCnEx (#5 in Streaming Music compo).
  • Released at Deadline 2018: "Glitch My Bits Up" - 256 bytes intro for A500 (the only one Amiga entry in the compo) by Sachy.
  • Visited: Deadline 2018 - an old-school party in Berlin (mCCnEx, Sachy).
  • WantedTeam co-organized (with RK/LE Team): RetroKomp 2018 - the last edition.
  • Visited a nice PL party: RiverWash 2018 (Sachy)
  • Sim1 published: a large and detailed party-report (and done the gfx for) from the "ol', good days": "Mountain Beer Copy-Party 1992" in Zywiec/Poland (in Polish).
  • Sachy released: "THX ZX!". Placed #1 in demo compo on SPECCY.PL 2018.1 party. Sachy's very FIRST ZX Spectrum demo released in cooperation between Resistance & RK/LE Team.
  • Visited: SPECCY.PL 2018.1 - cool ZX Spectrum party.
  • Sachy published (with Slayer & Jazzcat from Ghostown): Best Amiga demos of 2017, based on Pouet top 10 (in Polish).

    :: 2o17 ::

  • Released at RK/LE 2017: "Nullae" - A500, 40k intro (by mCCnEx & Sachy)
  • WT members co-organized (with RK/LE Team) RetroKomp/LOAD ERROR 2017 "8-bit & Amiga only" party (over 200 visitors from Poland and Europe).
  • LIV quits WT: to concentrate on his own music project - Retro Wibracje. Good luck, man!
  • Visited: a nice PL party RiverWash 2017 (Sachy).
  • Released: "Space Hippies" from Ludopus (with a full source code and a programmer story). Intro by NeoMan, Sim1 & MCH, .NFO. Flashtro intro-remake here (thx!).
  • Released at Decrunch 2017: "人魚の友達 (Ningyo no tomodatchi)" by Sim1 (as Sim1/RSE). Placed #2 in A500, 32color pixel gfx compo (congratz!).
  • Released at Decrunch 2017: "Neutrino" - Amiga tracked msx (by Liv).
  • Released at Decrunch 2017: "Decrunch compo-filler #2" (aka "silly 40k style"). A500 40k intro (by Liv & Sachy).
  • Visited: Decrunch 2017 (Liv, Sachy).
  • Asman published: "WHDLoad slave tutorial" - 2nd part (in Polish).
  • Sachy published: DATASTORM 2017 report (in Polish).
  • Released at DATASTORM 2017: RetroKomp + LOAD ERROR 2o17 - party invitation - cooperation with Resistance and Friends.
  • Visited: DATASTORM, DATASTORM, DATASTORM... (Sachy). An oldskool party held in Skania/Sweden.

    :: 2o16 ::

  • Wanted Team released: Bundesliga Manager Prof.(Ger) *LIMITED EDITION* - 1992 released game (5 disk, special Xmas bundle, RARE FIND). Flashtro remake of "Skool cracktro" (Yo!).
  • WT members co-organized (with RK/LE Team) RetroKomp 2016 meeting (with game-dev compo).
  • Visited: a cozy party - RiverWash 2016 (Sachy)
  • Released at Decrunch 2016: Decrunch compo-filler (cracktro). A500, 1-screen intro by Sim1, mCCnEx & Sachy.
  • Visited: Decrunch 2016 (Mccnex, Sachy). A nice party it was.
  • Asman published: "WHDLoad slave tutorial" - 1st part (in Polish).

    :: 2o15 ::

  • Asman published: 1st part of "Assembler 68k in examples" tutorial (in Polish).
  • Asman ported a NES game: "Alter Ego". Game was released on RetroKomp/LOAD ERROR 2015, in october.
  • Released an OCS/ECS demo: "Black Light" (with Lamers). Ranked 3rd at RK/LE 2015. Code: Sachy, music: mCCneX, gfx: At0m.
  • Asman ported a NES game: "Chase". Game was first released at RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR 2015.
  • WT released: A500 cracktro - "Roobaalii" (code: Asman, gfx: Sim1, zik: Oxidy). Released at RK/LE 2015. Flashtro cracktro.
  • Released: "S1 crackintro" at Nordlicht in Bremen, in june 2015 (code Neoman, gfx Sim1). Flashtro remake (thx!).
  • Released: RetroKomp + LOAD ERROR 2o15 - party invitation (with Lamers). Ranked 6th at Revision 2015. Code Sachy, Music mCCneX, gfx Sim1.
  • Don Adan corrected and released: "Sunny Shine on the funny side of life" (German) - an EXTREMLY rare promotional game from Rainbow Arts (Softgold). Amiga cracktro can be found here (code: Sachy, music: mCCneX, gfx: Sim1). Flashtro remake - here (thx M9!).

    :: 2o14 ::

  • Released (with Resistance): "SunCandy" - A500 demo by Sim1, mCCnEx, NaiNain & Sachy. Released at Solskogen Party in July, 2014 in Norway.
  • Released: "Wanted Cars & Fighters". An old and yet unreleased A500 slideshow (by Sepp, DonAdan & BatBeast).
  • Black Dragon cracked: "Fast Brain". Cracktro by Don Adan and Sim1. Tune "DUX" (arcade carnival-like hidden game) taken from "Lotus II". Flashtro remake (thx!).
  • Black Dragon cracked & made a one-disk version of "B.C. Kid aka Bonk Adventure" from Factor5. It's an Amiga500 version of the well known PC Engine/Turgo-Grafix16 classic "Bonk Adventure /PC Genjin(PC原人)". The game was developed by Red Company and Atlus and released in 1989 in Japan and 1990 in USA. Cracktro (by Sachy, Don Adan and Sim1) for this game is in style of "Amber CRT" and contains +1 trainer (Unlimited Lives) by Black Dragon. Flashtro remake.
  • Black Dragon cracked & made a one-disk version of a famous "Turrican II" Amiga500 game from Factor5. The game was heavily reverse-engineered and packed by to have all the game-data into just ONE disk without any rips nor data omittmenent. The release contains a "Green CRT" cracktro (by Sachy, Don Adan and Sim1). Flashtro remake is here. No trainer here, cause the game is 2 EZ (!).

    :: 2o13 ::

  • Asman ported to Amiga another arcade classic (from Atari ST): "Metro-Cross", which was first released in 1985 by NAMCO. Amiga port was first published on RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR 2013.
  • Asman ported to Amiga a classic (this time from Atari ST) arcade game "Solomon's Key" ("Soromon no Kagi" in japanese), first released in 1986 by TECMO. Amiga version was first published on RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR 2013 party in Gdansk.
  • Black Dragon cracked "A-Word v1.02 [Polish]". Contains a cracktro (by Groh and Sachy).
  • Black Dragon cracked "The Shoe people". Cracktro's (by Groh and Sachy) flashtro remake can be seen here.

    :: 2o12 ::

  • Released: "Speedway Manager". Cracktro's (music by MadMax, gfx by Groh, code by Sachy) flash remake can be found here (cheers dudes!!).

    :: 2o1o ::

  • WT PL released: "Okrety [Polish]". Cracktro's (music: Ron Klaren/Critical code: Sachy/Skid Row) flash remake is here.

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